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Sustainable Luxury at Fleur de Chine

2021/04/06 - 2030/12/31

In recent years, Taiwanese have become very environmentally-conscientious, and sustainable tourism has come to obtain ever more attention, with modern tourists and travelers beginning to emphasize how their travels impact the places they visit, and engage in positive action to make favorable changes. Sustainable tourism is not only about the ecological environment, but also involves bringing positive impacts and influences on the local culture and economy.

  Fleur de Chine considers environmental sustainability as one of our operating principles for which we have designed our very own Sustainability Declaration, integrating our guests, employees, cooperative partners, local residents, and environmental factors as indicators for progress, as we pursue pragmatic efforts and actions to support environmental protection, while also deploying our Sustainability Working Group to ensure the hotel’s sustainable operations.

  We have only one planet earth ! We invite each of you to join Fleur de Chine as we Go Green, and implement these ideals from the things we eat, wear, enjoy, or while traveling !
Let us share a few moments to discuss Fleur de Chine’s sustainability facilities, with the aim of ensuring that for every environmentally-friendly and sound practice. You will be able to join with us in a like-minded spirit to protect Sun Moon Lake, and ensure the beautiful environs of Sun Moon Lake can always continue to be shared with ever more people.

※ In order to protect the environment and love our planet earth, from 2019 we no longer provide disposable accessories (including toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, shower caps, razors, shaving foams, cotton swabs).Thank you for joining us in sustainable travel.

Fleur de Chine Sustainability Declaration

  1. Sustainability and environmental protection begin with meself, and affect all the surroundings and guests.

  2. Ensure using only appropriate amounts to stave unnecessary waste

  3. Engage in recycling, avoid using disposables

  4. Ensure corporate product buying adheres to the same principles

  5. Buy locally and use local resources

  6. Forbid use of shark fins, small fish, small shrimp and ingredients that do not conform with environmental protection

  7. Hire local employees

  8. Engage in community service participation

  9. Conserve cultural heritage while supporting local arts and cultural activities

  10. Deploy energy and water savings' efforts

  11. Reduce pollution and waste

  12. Seek greenhouse gas emission reductions

  13. Optimize transportation volume while reducing the number of trips

  14. Proactively deploy wastewater management to reduce environmentally harmful substances including use of chemical cleaners and solvents

  15. Conserve ecological biodiversity and avoid disturbing wild animals’ natural environs

  16. Actively promote sustainable development and environmental protection precepts

CU-GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Certification

GSTC is the leading international sustainable tourism organization. The program is managed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the United Nations Foundation, and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the rainforest Alliance working together to propose global sustainable tourism criteria. The Fleur de Chine Spa Hotel is the world's first five star hotel enjoying CU-GSTC global sustainable tourism certification.

Love-Our-Environment Package

Enjoying your low-carbon holiday with Fleur de Chine’s environmental protection project. In addition to not using disposable items, you have to take public transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

We invite you to sign the Fleur de Chine Sustainability Declaration, and we will provide you a free two-hour bicycle ride, along with a NT $500 discount on room rates. Thank you for joining in sharing our precepts and supporting sustainability together with us.

Our sparkling water machine replaces bottled water

Annually, Taiwan discards 4.5 billion PET bottles, causing a serious burden on the environment. Fleur de Chine Hotel has replaced bottled water with Italian sparkling water dispensers and glass bottles. In addition to reducing using plastics, this also allows all our guests to enjoy unlimited sparkling water. Thank you for loving our planet earth and cherishing our resources with us.

Rent an eco-friendly lunch box

ECO Your Life! An earth-friendly life begins with each of us! Our boutique Gift Shop provides environmentally friendly meals and lunch box rental services, affording guests the opportunity to enjoy gourmet snacks at nearby businesses in a convenient and environmentally-friendly manner. For rentals, please contact our 3F boutique Gift Shop

Our organic soil is self-produced (organic fertilizer)

Fleur de Chine is dedicated to the spirit of sustainable tourism, and we ensure optimal resource circularity, re-use, and recycling. The hotel’s excess foods are shredded and dried, then fermented to produce organic soil fertilizer, which we use in the hotel’s gardens and plantings, the DiDi vegetable gardening lab, succulent potted plantings, and DIY activities. We also provide this organic soil to local farmers and employees, through resource sharing. These help reduce any waste, and advance our circular economy and realize our corporate social responsibilities.

Energy saving and carbon reduction

Environmental Protection is a corporate social responsibility which Fleur de Chine Hotel has long upheld, and along with energy savings and carbon reduction which must begin with each of us. We invite you to join together with us. We hope to reduce pollution from washing disposable products and concomitantly reduce the damage to our planet earth.

Kindly take showers instead of baths and reduce any need to change towels, bath towels, bed sheets and duvet covers. If you must use a sink for an extended time, please close the drain or use a container to collect water and turn off lights to avoid wasting resources.

Water saving measures

To help protect the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake, Fleur de Chine has adopted certified water saving equipment, and uses recaptured wastewater to irrigate our plantings, while we use recaptured hot springs waters in our landscape fountains, scenic pools, and ecological pools. We invite you to responsively engage in our three steps to save water during your stay with us: use a cup of water when you brush your teeth, turn water off when applying soap as you prepare to wash your hands, and use the drain closed when you wash your face, to help us work together to protect Sun Moon Lake.

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