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Be a Sustainable Traveler!

2022/12/19 - 2023/12/31

Sustainable Travel: Go Beyond Carbon Neutral and Discover Carbon Negative Living...

VIKids Daily Activity and Private Event Service

2021/09/16 - 2023/06/30

VIKids: A fun and imaginative space for kids aged 3-7

Exploring the Outdoors

2022/06/07 - 2023/12/31

Walk into the Green corridor & OrienteeringWalk into the Green corridor Get acqu...

Sustainable Luxury at Fleur de Chine

2021/04/06 - 2030/12/31

In recent years, Taiwanese have become very environmentally-conscientious, an...

DiDi Fun Travel Guide

2023/2/1 - 2023/6/30

Take the Fleur de Chine shuttle to visit the surrounding attractions. The itinerary is announced on-site.

FDC Guide: Family Fun at Fleur de Chine Hotel

2019/09/25 - 2030/12/31

It's our honor to have The FUNemployed Family to stay with us.If you are plannin...

【DiDi Kids Passport】Collect stamps, get free lodging!

2022/04/01 - 2023/12/31

A fun activity for kids to earn endless rewards.